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This was the very first SwiftUI and 'Game' app I ever created. I followed the tutorial from Sean Allen, who created a iOS PortFolio project on YouTube where he builds this Tic Tac Toe app.

I then built on this starter project and expanded it to let the user change everything from the aesthetics to the actual game modes. The user can now select 3 different AI difficulties, choose who starts the game and even switch to a 4x4 grid.

In addition, the user can also change the actual grid shapes, player indicators and all colors form these components as well. Plus I have added a interactive slide-in menu and some custom pop-up alerts with fun animations.

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Focal Points

Programming icon App Requirements
  • Multiple AI difficulties
    The player can choose 3 different AI difficulties, easy, regular and hard.
  • Grid Sizes
    It is possible to change the grid size from a 3x3 grid to a 4x4 grid!
  • Grid shapes
    The player can choose between 17 different grid shapes.
  • Indicators
    The player can also choose 70 different player indicators.
  • Version-control
    GitHub was used for version-control.
  • MVVM
    Implemented the MVVM pattern to organize code and break into modules to make development, updating and reuse of code simpler and faster.
  • Animations
    I experimented with multiple animations to make the game more fun.
Software icon Used Frameworks
  • SwiftUI
    100% programmatically designed with SwiftUI.
  • SFSymbols
    The app makes great use of 'SF Symbols' throughout the app.
  • ColorPicker
    Implemented the native ColorPicker to change colors throughout the app.
  • MessageUI
    Allowing the user to send emails with the native mail app.
  • ShakeGesture
    Experimented with Shake Gesture, to show an alert and reset the game.
  • GoogleMobileAds
    Used to implement the Google AdMob SDK.
  • AppTrackingTransparency
    AdMob uses tracking for ads, so I implemented tracking transparency (mandatory since iOS 14.5).
  • AdSupport
    To show AdMob mobile ads, implemented a banner ad and an interstitial video ad after 20 games played.
  • @AppStorage
    Used to store small data like the score and games played.
  • @Environment
    The @Environment property wrapper in combination with @Published was used to implement MVVM.

eXandOs Screenshots

What I've Learned

During this portfolio project I learned to work with the SwiftUI declarative framework. I mainly focused on implementing the MVVM pattern in SwiftUI, by creating an @Environment Observable object.

In addition, I learned to interface UIKit frameworks within a SwiftUI project. I wanted to send emails using the MessageUI framework, but this framewrok is not yet available in SwiftUI.

So I created a UIViewControllerRepresentable object and implemented both functions: makeUIViewController and updateUIViewController to interface with UIKit within SwiftUI.

Future Features

Future idea icon New Ideas / Improvements
  • Multiplayer Mode
    Update the game to use multiplayer mode (without a CPU).
  • Premium Profile
    Add the option to create a premium user profile so you don't see ads anymore.
  • Ipad Support
    De app currently only supports iPhone.
  • Achievements
    Add achievements and trophies for the player to play for.


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