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I wanted a simple and secure crypto portfolio app to easily see my total portfolio value in USD and EUR. But after using several iOS apps, I came to the conclusion that most of the apps are too complicated.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own basic crypto portfolio app. That just pulls the current prices from a free API call and then uses that price to calculate your portfolio value.

The app isn't connected to any crypto wallet, so it is completely fictitious and safe to use. The app is based on the advanced learning tutorial from the YouTube channel: SwiftFull Thinking.

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Focal Points

Programming icon App Requirements
  • CoreData
    The app uses coreData to store the users portfolio values.
  • CoinGecko API
    The cryptocurrency data used in this app comes from the free coinGecko API.
  • Slide-in menu
    The user can access the custom slide-in menu from anywhere in the app.
  • BottomSheet
    A reusable, interactive and intrinsic bottom sheet.
  • Multiple currencies
    The app can show three different currencies. USD, EUR and GBP.
  • Alternate App Icons
    The user can set alternate app Icons.
  • Version-control
    GitHub was used for version-control.
Software icon Used Frameworks
  • SwiftUI
    100% programmatically designed with SwiftUI.
  • Combine
    Network calls with publishers and subscribers.

Cryptofy Screenshots

What I've Learned

I've learned to use the combine framework and pull, save and update API data automatically, using publishers and subscribers.

In addition, I learned to use @GestureState to interactively swipe content across the screen. And create the interactive slide-in menu and bottom sheets used in the app.

Future Features

Future idea icon New Ideas / Improvements
  • Widget
    Create a widget for the app to show your live portfolio values.
  • Login
    Login with biometrics (FaceID/TouchID) or with password.
  • CloudKit
    Implement cloudKit to sync portfolio on multiple devices.


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Alternatively you can search the App store for 'Cryptofy' or use the button below.

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