With this dirt bike, came my interest in mechanical engineering. This actually kickstarted my career as a car mechanic. Where I quickly worked my way up to become one of the few qualified Audi Sport technicians that is allowed to work on sports cars, such as the Audi R8!

Eventually I felt like I could learn even more and wanted to pursue my interest in electronics, so I decided to start studying next to my full-time job.

I started studying at HAN University of Applied Sciences Automotive Engineering in Arnhem.

Audi R8 picture
Midtronics AMT promotional picture of me

During my studies I got recommended for a job as 'Electronical' Prototype Developer at Autodidact B.V., where I worked for more than 4.5 years.

I actually started my iOS journey way back in 2018, while I was still studying and working at Autodidact. Because Autodidact wanted to create an iOS app for the 'Automotive' Helpdesk EuroTech Center (which is a different department of Autodidact itself).

At the same time I was looking for a graduation assignment for my B.S. So we decided to combine the two and as a result I created the iOS app ETCA 'EuroTech Center App', which combines Automotive Engineering and iOS Development.

I actually recieved a 9 for this graduation project and graduated with honors 'Cum laude'! I immediately fell in love with native iOS Development in Swift.

When SwiftUI came out, I immediately started practicing with this new declarative user interface toolkit. Which resulted in my three latest created iOS apps Mi Shopping List, Cryptofy and eXandOs.

I actually enjoy every aspect of iOS development from designing to programming and always try to learn as much as possible along the way.

As a result of this growing passion, I decided to make a career switch and become a full-time iOS developer, currently at Flitsmeister B.V.

Graduation Picture from me


Programming icon Programming
  • Swift
    Over 3 years experience of building native iOS apps with both UIKit and SwiftUI.
  • C
    Microcontroller programming for Autodidact and during studies.
  • HTML
    Created this website in HTML.
  • CSS
    Styled this website with CSS.
Software icon Software
  • Xcode
    Over 3 years experience of building native iOS apps.
  • Git
    Using GitHub with Xcode for version-control.
  • Altium Designer
    PCB and electronic schema design for Autodidact.
  • TurboCAD
    3D designing for Autodidact.
  • Final Cut Pro
    Creating video's for my YouTube channel.
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6
    Creating custom images for YouTube, my Apps and this website.
Software icon Swift Frameworks
  • UIKit
    2 full apps build programmatically with UIKit.
  • SwiftUI
    Latest 2 apps build programmatically with SwiftUI.
  • CoreData
    Used in Mi Shopping List to locally store the created shopping lists.
  • MessageUI
    Used in every app to contact the developer through the native mail app.
  • GoogleMobileAds
    Used to implement the AdMob SDK.
  • AppTrackingTransparency
    AdMob uses tracking for ads, so I implemented tracking transparency.
  • AdSupport
    Showing mobile ads from AdMob in Mi Shopping List and eXandOs.
  • RxSwift
    Experimented in ETCA to make code more reactive.
  • AVFoundation
    Used in ETCA to create a custom QR code scanner.
  • CoreTelephony
    Used in ETCA for calling the helpdesk 'EuroTech Center'.
  • SafariServices
    Used in all apps to open Safari within the app, to show the privacy policy for example.

Behind the scenes Hanni's Engineering picture

Interests & Hobbies

Next to my passion for native iOS Development I got a lot more interests. For example I got my own YouTube channel Hanni's Engineering, where I modify my car.

This way I can combine several hobbies of mine, such as customizing my car, videography and being creative in general. Not only with the customized modifications for my car, but also by designing and creating my own Merchandise for example.

Another big hobby of mine is Formula 1. Not only the racing but especially the technical aspect appeals to me. I love technology and absorbing as much new information as possible. From computer science, electronics and astronomy to automotive engineering.


HAN University of Applied Sciences
Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc), Automotive Engineering
HAN University of Applied Sciences
Preliminary Education for Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc)
Feb 2022 - Current
iOS Developer

Making driving more fun and safer by developing cool features for the iOS app Flitsmeister with over 2.3 million active users.

Feb 2017 - Feb 2022
Electronical Prototype Developer

Designing and producing complex electronical prototypes for the automotive industry, psychiatry, elderly care and education. Both hardware and software production including PCB design, soldering, 3D design and printing. Microcontroller programming in C, MATLAB, Micro Python, HTML, CSS and native iOS App development in Swift.

Jun 2010 - Feb 2017
Audi Technician
Audi Muntstad

Certified Audi Sport Technician, qualified in working with S, RS and R8 models. Maintenance, repair and diagnosis including all hybrid and electric cars.


Very rich experience in all sort of different areas, from hands-on Technician to software Developer.

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